Key elements in the determination of an employee:-

1.   Performs work, under supervision, on an ongoing basis.

2.  Anticipates ongoing expectation of work.

3.  Employer provided equipment.

4.  Regular payment.

Key elements in the determination of a contractor:-

1.  Engaged for a specific term.

2. Uses own equipment.

3. Has control over working hours.

4. Self determines working hours.

5.  Independent decision making.

6. Ability to employ and direct others to action tasks in accordance to the prescribed contract.

"Why does my boss want me to get an ABN"

"My brother is starting a new job soon, detailing high-class cars in a small business. The owner is leaving and being replaced with one of his friends who's bought the business and clients. He's been asked to get an ABN to secure his job, but why would that be required if he's going to be an employee, not an employer?


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